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Bushwalkers reminded to be prepared

Bushwalkers intending to venture into the alpine areas of Tasmania’s wilderness in the coming days have been reminded to be prepared.

“The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for the state over the next few days until Thursday. Weather conditions are expected to be colder than normal for the first few days of summer,” Inspector Darren Hopkins said.

“Tasmania Police would like to take this opportunity to reiterate those warnings to members of the public considering any bushwalking trips into the alpine areas of the Tasmanian wilderness.

“Given several rescues have already taken place this year because some walkers failed to properly plan their trip and take weather conditions into consideration, this is another reminder to do so in an effort to avoid preventable rescues and further risk to life.

“Walkers can expect snowfall down to 700 metres today and to 500m by Wednesday with unusually cold conditions from a minimum of -3°C to 4°C maximum. This combined with south westerly winds up to 50km and significant rainfall, it’s likely to make any planned walks into our highlands more difficult for anyone not properly equipped and prepared.”

Inspector Hopkins said that people considering embarking on such walks should also factor in additional travel days for walking in snow and be prepared for wet, cold and windy conditions.

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