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Car seized and impounded after hooning driving behaviour

Bridgewater police on mobile patrol seized and impounded a maroon Ford Falcon after it was caught hooning and driving recklessly in the Greenbanks Industrial Estate last night.

Investigations are continuing in order to charge the driver with multiple traffic offences, including unnecessary execution of speed, acceleration or sustained loss of traction.

The vehicle was also issued a defect notice due to the condition of the rear tyres, the noisy exhaust and excessive oil leaks in the engine.

Inspector Philippa Burk said disappointingly, complaints about hooning and dangerous driving in the industrial estate and nearby suburb of Tea Tree are common, and the behaviour leaves the roads in bad condition with tyre marks and debris everywhere.

“Driving behaviour such as hooning is illegal, dangerous and interrupts the peace and quiet of citizens.

“It can also easily cause a serious crash putting people’s lives at risk.

“Police will be vigilantly patrolling these known areas where this hooning driving behaviour is carried out.

“Offenders can expect to be arrested and have their vehicle seized and confiscated,” warned Inspector Burk.

If you have dash cam footage or other evidence of this driving behaviour, you can upload it to the dangerous driving portal:, report it to Tasmania Police by phoning 131 444 or via Crime Stoppers at

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