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High visibility traffic operation conducted at Sorell

Tasmania Police conducted another high visibility traffic operation at Sorell yesterday.

Inspector Jon Cooper from the East Coast Division said that about 150 motorists were pulled over during the operation and were subject to either a random breath or drug test, and a vehicle safety check.

Offences detected during the operation included:

  • 4 x positive drug tests (either positive for methamphetamine, cannabis, or cocaine)
  • 14 x vehicle defect notices
  • 2 x driving while not the holder of a driver’s licence.

“Common defects discovered included bald tyres and non-functioning lighting.”

“We are reminding road users of the need to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy and safe to operate at all times.”

“It is disappointing that from a high number of vehicles pulled over, an issue arose with either the driver or the vehicle itself.”

“Tasmania Police would like to thank the majority of road users who comply with the road rules.”

“Unfortunately, there are a number of people who continue to drive illegally, use unroadworthy vehicles and/or drive while illicit drugs are present in their system.”

“We will continue to conduct high visibility operations in the future to keep the Tasmanian community safe.”

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