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Investigation into Claremont truck crash concluded

Police have concluded an investigation into the truck crash on the Brooker Highway at Claremont that occurred on 17 October 2021. 

Initial enquires indicated a rock had been thrown from an overpass at Box Hill Road and went through the windscreen of a north bound truck, rendering the driver unconscious and resulted in the truck driving into a nearby residential unit.

The investigation was led by members of Glenorchy Uniform, with assistance of Glenorchy CIB, and culminated in two youths identified after being observed in the immediate area both before and after the crash. 

The youths, a 13-year-old male and 15-year-old male, have been interviewed by police and will be dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act 1997.

Police have been in contact with both the truck driver and unit occupant to update them on the outcome of this matter.

Police would like to acknowledge that the information provided by the public greatly benefited the investigation into this matter and would like to thank those that came forward with information.

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