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Keeping Pedestrians Safe – Stay Alert at the Lights

Tasmania Police are reminding all pedestrians to remain alert and focused when crossing the road.

Over the coming days police will be targeting high risk pedestrian behaviours such as inattention and distraction – walking and texting or listening to music and not obeying the walk/wait signals at traffic lights.

Inspector Stephen Burk from Hobart Police Station said pedestrians are vulnerable road users because there is nothing shielding them in the event of a crash.

“We talk about drivers being safe on our roads a lot, but we also need all pedestrians to give their full attention and take the time to check traffic carefully before stepping out on to our roads,” he said.

“This is especially important when they have headphones on or are talking on the phone.”

‘Taking risks and not being mindful when crossing a busy city road could end in tragedy, so we’re urging people to make safe decisions and only cross the road at designated crossings or when there is no traffic.”

“We are also reminding users of e-scooters to obey all road traffic rules, to stop at red lights and be aware of pedestrians crossing the road and walking on footpaths, as well as drivers obeying red and orange stop signals to further protect pedestrians.”
The Pedestrian Safety Days of Action are about protecting the community and continuing to educate people, but we will also be issuing infringements as a deterrent for doing the wrong thing.

Any unsafe pedestrian behaviour can be provided anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at

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