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Kingston man to face court over alleged assaults

A Southern Tasmanian man will face court later this month after an incident at a licensed premises in the Huon Valley.

Police were called to the premises on July 1, 2023 after reports of disorderly patrons.

During an altercation outside the hotel, a 25 year old Glen Huon man received serious, but not life-threatening head injuries, and was transported to hospital, and a 15 year old youth was allegedly assaulted.

A 21 year old Kingston man has since been arrested, and charged in relation to the Huon Valley incident, as well as an unrelated serious assault in Northern Tasmania.

He was bailed to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court on August 21.

Kingston Inspector Colin Riley thanked the public for its assistance during the investigation.

“This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the severe consequences that can arise from alcohol-fuelled violence. Head injuries sustained during such altercations can lead to life-altering consequences for the victims,” Inspector Riley said.

As part of the investigation, three people were fined in relation to supplying the 15 year old alleged victim with alcohol.

An adult friend of the youth received a $190 infringement notice, while a staff member at the premises was fined $970, and the licensee was fined $2923.

“It is extremely disheartening that the staff of a licensed establishment would disregard their obligation to enforce age restrictions and provide alcohol to a person so young. We expect a higher standard of responsibility from those involved in the service of alcohol,” Inspector Riley said.

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