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Missing girl, Shayla Phillips, safely located

Police are pleased to confirm 4-year-old girl, Shayla Phillips, was safely located in bushland at Stormlea this afternoon. 

“A State Emergency Service ground search team located Shayla around 4pm, in bushland about 1km from where she was last seen on Wednesday,” said Inspector Gavin Hallett.

Shayla was reunited with her mum and taken to hospital for medical assessment.

“We always believed that we would find her, we knew that we would,” Inspector Hallett said.

Inspector Hallett said Shayla was found in a heavily wooded and sloped area.

“It was an effort of perseverance,” he said.

“This was always a search and rescue operation, no one wavered in their resolve to find Shayla, and bring her home safely.”

“I’d like to thank the many dedicated emergency services personnel and volunteers who have tirelessly searched for two days to find Shayla and bring her safely home.”

“I’m relieved we have achieved the outcome we had all hoped for,” said Inspector Hallett. 

“Our priority at this point is to support Shayla and ensure she receives the care she needs at this point in time.”

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