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New Commander to focus on tackling youth crime in Southern Tasmania

Tackling crime including youth crime in southern Tasmania will be the focus of the new Commander of Southern District.

Commander Jason Elmer, who is leading a team of 11 inspectors in Southern District, said that Tasmania is a safe place to live.

“While the vast majority of us are law abiding citizens, there is a small number of offenders who continue to do the wrong thing,” Commander Elmer said.

“Recent data shows that while there has been a decline in youth offending over the past 10 years, we are currently experiencing an increase in youth crime.

“Tasmania Police is concerned about this, particularly relating to repeat youth offenders.

“Our community deserves to feel safe at home, out in public and in their workplaces.”

Commander Elmer said that frontline officers were advising that the level of youth offending, particularly in the Southern District, had increased, and there were ongoing challenges in dealing with these offenders.

“These concerns are being reiterated through our discussions with key stakeholders, including local businesses and local councils,” he said.

“While we know that a lot of these youths come from complex backgrounds and not all youth offenders are repeat offenders – we are concerned by the growing element of youths who are recidivist offenders.

“It is these prolific repeat offenders who are having a significant impact on individuals and the community. It’s frustrating but we’re determined to make a difference.

“We work together closely with other agencies, utilise specific police tactics to deal with recidivist youth offenders, as well as high visibility policing teams targeting repeat youth offenders in CBD areas.

“For example, in Hobart CBD, we have a dedicated taskforce deployed daily to deal with anti-social behaviour and other offences.

“We are targeting anti-social behaviour of these repeat youth offenders and where appropriate, necessary and authorised by law we are charging them and bringing them before a Magistrate.

Commander Elmer said that police were committed to protecting the community and local businesses and detecting and preventing anti-social and unlawful behaviour with the aim of making our public spaces safer for everyone.

“We need the community’s help to get the message to those people that choose to do the wrong thing – anti-social and unlawful behaviours will not be tolerated – everyone has the right to be safe in our community,” Commander Elmer said.

If you see unlawful or anti-social behaviour, please report it to police at the time to allow us to investigate promptly.

You can call police on 131444 or report to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or You can do so anonymously.

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