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Speak up about family violence this festive season

Tasmania Police is encouraging the community to support each other and to speak up against family violence this festive season. 

“While the Christmas and New Year periods bring people together, historically family violence occurrences between intimate partners or ex intimate partners, increase over the festive season,” said Inspector Michelle Plumpton.  

“Some people look forward to this time of year, but others, for a range of reasons, find it stressful and traumatic. 

“We know that as the weather gets warmer and Christmas celebrations occur, increased alcohol consumption can impact on some people’s behaviour which leads to violence.

“This year has been a stressful year for many people due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we recognise that the festive season may place extra pressures on family life. However, this does not excuse family violence,” said Inspector Plumpton.  

Family violence includes behaviours such as physical assault, sexual assault, threats, coercion, intimidation, emotional abuse, economic abuse, and property damage. 

“Anyone who is the victim or a witness to family violence should not hesitate to contact police or an assistance service,” said Inspector Plumpton. 

“All violence is unacceptable, and family violence should not be tolerated. If you hear, see or know of someone who is affected by family violence – speak up.” 

Family violence incidents can be reported to Tasmania Police on 131 444, or by calling Triple Zero (000) in an emergency. 

The Tasmanian Government’s Family Violence Response and Referral Line (1800 633 937) offers an information and referral service through which callers can access the full range of response, counselling, information and other support services.

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