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Tasmanians urged to lock up these holidays

With the festive season well and truly here, police are urging Tasmanians to take some simple steps to help prevent crime these holidays.

Detective Inspector Craig Fox said police will always be there to help those in need, but there are measures Tasmanians can take to prevent being targeted by criminals these holidays.

“Tasmania is a very safe place to live, but we know there are people who will do the wrong thing and look to take advantage of others, no matter the time of year,” he said.

“Criminals are often opportunistic and there are steps we can all take to protect our belongings and reduce crime.”

“Locking doors and windows, even when you’re at home, is an extremely easy step that can make a big difference.”

“We’re seeing a trend of cars being stolen after keys have been taken from residences, either because they’ve been visible through a window and a criminal has broken in, or sometimes simply walked through the front door.”

“Make sure things like car keys and valuables aren’t on immediate display.”

“And if you’re heading away, save the holiday snaps for when you get back, so you’re not advertising that your home is empty over the festive season.”

Other crime prevention tips:

  • If you’re online shopping and receiving parcels – always have them delivered to a safe and secure location.
  • Parcels left unattended on your doorstep or in an unlocked mailbox are easily targeted.
  • If you have gifts under your Christmas tree, make sure they’re not positioned in front of a window that can be seen from the street.
  • Always crush boxes and put them in your bin or take them to the tip.  Do not leave boxes from gifts, especially expensive electronic items outside your door or beside your bins.
  • Always lock all doors and windows every time you leave your home.

If you see anything suspicious – ring police on 131444 or report anonymously to Crime Stoppers at crimestopperstas.com.au

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