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Vehicle clamped following hooning offences

A southern Tasmanian man has had their car clamped for 28 days following a video recording of hooning in Berridale and the matter being reported to police. Following an investigation by Southern Road Policing Services, the vehicle and driver have been identified and the vehicle clamped for 28 days.  The driver will be charged with reckless driving.


‘Tasmania Police will not tolerate this kind of driver behaviour.  Even if you think your vehicle can’t be identified, we will investigate, find further evidence, and clamp or seize your vehicle’ said Inspector Jim Semmens.


‘This was the drivers first offence, and as a result, his vehicle was clamped for 28 days.  Second and subsequent offences lead to longer periods of clamping – seizure – and applications to the court for vehicles to be forfeited.’


‘We are doing all we can to keep the Tasmanian community safe and encourage the community to report hooning. If you see dangerous driving behaviour report it to police immediately on 131 444. If you can’t report it at the time but you have footage, you can upload it to

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