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Vehicles seized and clamped by Burnie Police

Since 11 December 2022, Burnie Police has indefinitely seized one vehicle and clamped another in relation to hooning and other traffic related offences in the Burnie area. 

On the most recent occasion on 14 December 2022, a 39-year-old man had his vehicle clamped for 28 days in relation to hooning activity detected in the South Burnie area. He will appear before the Court at a later date. 

Sergeant Elliott said, “Police remain vigilant to detecting dangerous drivers, removing hooning drivers from our roads, and clamping or seizing offending vehicles for relevant periods of time.

“Operating a vehicle in a sustained loss of traction or exhibition of speed are both hooning type offences. These dangerous behaviours place the driver, other road users and innocent bystanders at significant risk.”

In the lead up to Christmas, police implore all motorists to be safe and obey the road rules. Dangerous driving can have devastating consequences, and lead to death and serious injuries on Tasmanian roads. 

Anyone who witnesses dangerous driving is encouraged to report it to police at the time it occurs on 131 444.

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