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Weekend of Action in Western Tasmania – encouraging motorcycle safety

Police are urging motorbike riders to be safe on the roads following recent serious crashes involving motorbikes.

“In response to the tragic number of crashes involving motorbikes recently, police attached to Western Road and Public Order Services will conduct traffic operations this long weekend designed to encourage safe motorbike riding behaviours,” said Inspector Gary Williams.

“The targeted traffic operations are as much about educating members of the public as they are about detecting those who drive in an intentionally irresponsible manner on our roads.”

In 2020, 4 motorcyclists were killed and 71 were seriously injured in crashes on Tasmanian roads.

“With 2 motorcyclists killed and 18 seriously injured on our roads already this year (at 4 March),

I urge all road users to remember that motorbike riders are more vulnerable than drivers and the consequences if they crash can be devastating.

“I implore all motorbike riders to remember that when riding a motorbike, your actions on the road ultimately play the greatest role in whether or not you get home safely.

“Our goal as police this weekend is to do whatever we can to ensure that we are not delivering tragic messages to loved ones this long weekend.”

Be aware. Take care. Survive.

Motorbikes riders are encouraged to think twice every time they travel on the roads and:

  • Be aware of your heightened vulnerability on the road.
  • Understand that your actions and choices whilst riding directly influence YOUR safety and YOUR level of risk on the road.
  • Anticipate and avoid hazards and risks by employing safe riding practices and wearing protective clothing.
  • Be aware that the very nature of motorcycle riding demands more focus and a more complex skill set than driving a car.  As such, if you are tired or affected by alcohol or drugs, you are even more likely to be involved in a crash.
  • Be aware of your abilities and limitations. Respect Tasmania’s roads.
  • Never undertake risky rider behaviour.

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