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West Coast – Road Safety Days of Action

Tasmania Police have been targeting high risk driving behaviours such as speeding, using mobile phones whilst driving and drug and alcohol tests on the West Coast of Tasmania.

“Utilising both marked and unmarked vehicles, members from the Queenstown, Strahan, Rosebery, and Zeehan Police Stations have been targeting our remote areas and rural roads, over the past five days.” said Sergeant James Scicluna of the Rosebery Police Station.

‘During the five-day operation we conducted 141 breath tests, 15 drug tests and issued 4 vehicle defect notices. Pleasingly we only had two persons who exceeded the 0.05 legal limit and one who tested positive for illicit drugs.’ Sergeant Scicluna said.

A total of 44 high risk offences were detected which included 38 for speeding, 1 for not wearing a seatbelt, and 2 for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

All of the speeding vehicles were detected travelling in excess of 15km/hr, with 4 travelling in excess of 30km/hr and a P1 license holder being detected travelling at 43 km/hr above the posted speed limit. This speed attracts a penalty of 6 demerit points, $735.25 fine, and 3 months disqualification.

‘Speed is a major contributor to serious and fatal crashes and the West Coast Operation is part of a larger traffic enforcement strategy being deployed across Tasmania to reduce the number of serious and fatal crashes,’ said Inspector Anthea Maingay of the Central West Division.

“As police and first responders, we see the devastating impact that serious crashes and fatalities have, not just on a person’s immediate family but also the wider community and I implore all motorists to consider their behaviours on the roads and to do the right thing to protect themselves and others.

“The message is simple – if you’re out on the roads we need you to pay attention, buckle up, watch your speed, stay under the limit and rest if you’re tired. There are fines for disobeying the road rules, but the real penalty could be seriously injuring or killing yourself or someone else in a crash on the roads.”

There are dedicated teams who focus on road safety, but all Tasmania Police officers can and do enforce the road rules.

“That’s why we’re out on the roads in a range of vehicles, some that are clearly visible, but others that you might not notice until the lights are flashing, and you’re being pulled over,” Inspector Maingay said.

The Road Safety Days of Action are about protecting lives on our roads and continuing to educate the public about safe driving practices and issuing infringements as a deterrent for doing the wrong thing.

Any unsafe driving behaviour can be provided anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at www.crimestopperstas.com.au.

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