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Youth arrested in Glenorchy with imitation firearm

A 14-year-old youth will be charged with firearms offences after he was arrested with an imitation firearm in Glenorchy this morning.  

Around 8.30am police responded to reports of a youth in possession of what appeared to be a firearm at a shopping centre in Glenorchy.  

A short time later police located the youth on-board a bus in the Glenorchy area. 

Police intercepted the bus and arrested the youth who was in possession of a gel blaster which resembled a handgun.   

The youth will be charged under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act 1997. 

“Police take all reported firearms incidents seriously, and I thank people in the area this morning for information they promptly provided to police,” said Inspector John Ward.  

“I’d like to remind the community that Gel Blasters are not considered toys in Tasmania – they can be easily mistaken for real firearms, and understandably they can cause fear in people who see them.  

“Anyone found in possession of an imitation firearm, which includes a Gel Blaster, may be prosecuted.”   

No threats were made, and no injuries were sustained.

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